Corporate Responsibility at Xiu Shui consists of acting in line with the values of trust, social commitment and excellence in service. This translates into a system of efficient management that is sustainable in the long term, guaranteeing solvency and including the protection of the environment and the social impact of its operations.

As was the case then, the shared conviction has continued to burn in the heart of  Xiu Shui that only the long-term business view, good corporate governance and sustainable and responsible action can secure the future and success of its organisations, which have to respond honestly to all its stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers, regulators and society as a whole.

Consistent with this idea

  • Xiu Shui does not understand corporate responsibility as an advertising strategy or mere philanthropy, despite having a major Foundation / Welfare Projects.
  • Its business vision affects its general management and its present and future strategies.
  • Xiu Shui in its entirety participates in their development and practice.

Its commitment to sustainable operations, which have to contribute added value to the entity, includes the organisation’s whole chain of value, from the origin of its funds and resources to their application and investment.

Thus, to decide on management strategies, the following are taken into consideration:

  • The economic and financial aspects of its business.
  • Responsibility towards the environment.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • The needs of its employees.
  • Relationships with suppliers and collaborators.
  • Its effects on the communities and places where it is present.

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