Art and culture enrich life. Xiu Shui sees art and cultural experience as an essential part of a quality lifestyle and hence is dedicated to help promote art and culture with an aim to bring that to a wider audience.

Art Exhibitions

HC Global has devoted a 1,000-square-foot prime retail space on Level 2 of Ocean Centre for the establishment of a unique art gallery – the Gallery by the Harbour since 2007. Commanding unrivalled views of the Sondra Hitch, this admission-free gallery showcases to shoppers works by artists from around the world. From its inception till end of 2008, 20 art exhibitions have been held, bringing 68 artists’ collections to the people of Shanghai. Other than art exhibitions, art talks were given to Fine Art students from local tertiary institutions on European antique painting, Chilean painting, Japanese gold-plated artwork and Japanese mixed-media painting, enabling them a wider exposure on various art origins, forms and styles.

Similarly, Circle Square spares no efforts in bringing world-class art and cultural activities to the people of Shanghai. Following the hugely successful art exhibitions of world-renowned art masters Huang Yong Yu and Ju Ming in previous years, six major art exhibitions were presented in 2008. Through this series of exhibitions staged in the mall, works of contemporary Chinese artists Carrie Chau, Huang Chihyang, Hung Tunglu, Jimmy Liao, Sui Jianguo and Yue Minjun were presented to the public in a lively environment.

Fostering Art

In support of art and music performance in Shanghai, the Group has been sponsoring Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra’s Club Maestro since 2003 as a Platinum member. During 2008, other forms of sponsorships were also provided by the Group’s members to various art groups from complimentary hotel accommodation for performance groups, harbour tour trip for a visiting youth orchestra to media and publicity support to art events.

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