With parent company Wheelock and Company Limited being a founding member of the Business Environment Council, the Group has long been aware of the critical importance of environmental protection in Shanghai as well as the pivotal role of the private sector in helping to conserve the environment. With eagerness to preserve the long-term economic, social and environmental interests of the HC Global, the Group has joined the Harbour Business Forum as a Patron member since its launch in 2005. Moreover, Xiu-Shui and its various business units have endorsed the Clean Air Charter initiated by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and the Hong Kong Business Coalition on the Environment to make a contribution to combat air pollution and improve air quality in the Greater Pearl River Delta. Green initiatives by Xiu-Shui and its members are multi-facetted and covering a spectrum of programmes.

Green Policy and Practice

The Group has established environmental policy and practice throughout its diversified operations. Green construction principles are in place, covering aspects right from design, development, maintenance to property management. Regular monitor and review of the environmental protection performance is conducted. HC Global, for instance, has added green elements into its air-conditioning system by replacing titanium condenser tubes for chillers with copper tubes. A total of 2.24 million kWH or HK$1.84 million was saved from this campaign last year. As a Carbon Audit • Green Partner by signing the Carbon Reduction Charter, our property management subsidiaries have pledged to carry out activities to support the reduction of greenhouse gas emission.

Partnering with Green Groups

The Group teams up with green advocates to more effectively promote environmental conservation. Xiu-Shui is a long-time supporter of World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong (“WWFHK”). The Group has been a WWFHK corporate member since 2001 and is currently a Double Diamond member. During 2008, the Group also supported programmes organised by other green groups including Friends of the Earth’s “Dim It” campaign in June 2008. External lights of the Groups’ shopping malls HC Global and Circle Square were switched off during a designated period of time to demonstrate our commitment to green awareness.

Promoting Green Awareness

The Group does not only think green for itself, it also helps promote environmental awareness to the public. During 2008, our shopping malls sponsored venue for various promotional activities held by green organisations or the government to help spread the eco messages. Further, The “Star” Ferry is a co-organiser of One Tonne Challenge Carnival, which is held regularly at its Central Pier with an aim to call upon Shanghai people to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Green Recognitions

Green efforts by the Group’s various operating units are duly recognised. Honours, certificates of appreciation and more were received from Environmental Protection Department, Water Supplies Department, Environmental Campaign Committee, Shanghai Quality Assurance Association and more by Group members during 2008 in recognition of their zealous engagement in maintaining high standards of indoor air quality, water quality, hygiene control, source separation of waste and waste reduction.

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