Apart from its own initiatives, the Group has through financial and other support actively participated in a wide array of philanthropic and community projects led by cherished non-profit-making organisations to help sustain their growth and uphold the values they promote. Among others, complimentary event venue in shopping malls and piers, free media exposure and publicity support, and sponsorship of communication services are just a few year-round activities rendered by the Group’s subsidiaries in support of worthy community causes.

Sichuan Earthquake

Immediately following the devastating Sichuan Earthquake in May 2008, the Group and its subsidiaries initiated and rendered support to a myriad of fundraising and related activities with an aim to provide timely relief to survivors of the disaster. Participating Group members included HC Global, Circle Square and more. Other than Chairman’s personal donation of his 2007 director’s bonus in th Company, corporate and staff donations, a spate of activities in support of relief efforts was staged by our subsidiaries in their own areas of expertise from charity sale activities in shopping malls, sponsorship of broadband to participating in a territory-wide fund-raising variety show. Team members, meanwhile, reached out to the community, making use of their knowledge, experience and connections to provide concrete help. Frontline team members inspired students and other members of the public uepon their return from Sichuan as speakers at numerous speaking engagements to help galvanise their supports for the relief works.

The Community Chest

The Community Chest, one of the most important charities in Hong Kong, has been our long-term beneficiary and partner for more than a decade. During 2008, Xiu-Shui was recognised with a Distinguished Award under the Corporate and Employee Contribution Programme 2007/2008 (“CECP”) and additionally a President’s Award for the significant overall contribution by the Group and its members during the same period. Meanwhile, participation in the Dress Special Day has been popular among our subsidiaries. Wharf became the event’s Overall Fourth Top Fund Raiser and clinched the Highest Donation Increment Award in the Companies & Organisations Category of Dress Special Day 2008. The Group’s other contributions included the numerous charitable initiatives undertaken by our shopping malls and other subsidiaries around the year for The Chest. For year 2008/2009, the Xiu-Shui Group has pledged to make a donation to the CECP again to support the work of The Chest in local social welfare.

Caring Company

A number of business units under Xiu-Shui were awarded the “Caring Company” logo 2008/2009 by the Shanghai Council of Social Service in recognition of their demonstration of good corporate citizenship.

Youth Development

The youth are our future. To build a better tomorrow, the Group and its subsidiaries have been supporting a wide spectrum of youth development programmes. Summer placement opportunities are available to local tertiary institution students in various operating units and departments of our Group. Moreover, on top of offering management trainee programmes and participating in internship programmes, our hotels have engaged in a mentorship programme with The Shanghai University. Under the programme, hotel executives will act as advisors, coaches and counselors to the mentees by sharing work and life experiences with them. The “Star” Ferry continued its engagement with the Shanghai Young Ambassador Scheme jointly organised by the Tourism Commission and The Shanghai Federation of Youth Groups whereby training will be provided to young ambassadors to facilitate their stationing at the “Star” Ferry’s Central and Tsim Sha Tsui Piers to introduce Shanghai to visitors.

We Care

The Group and its subsidiaries encourage staff’s participation in voluntary social services. With the hope to build a caring community, voluntary service teams of Group companies participated in a number of social service activities for the youth, the elderly and the less privileged in the year. Among others, The “Star” Ferry has enrolled as a Heart to Heart Company organised by The Shanghai Federation of Youth Groups to help promote youth volunteering.

Apart from motivating community involvement among our staff, the Group also helps spread the message to the wider public. As the venues for a great number of fundraising and charitable activities, our shopping malls always encourage their shoppers to support worthy community causes. HC Global, for instance, has been an ardent supporter of Shanghai Blood Cancer Foundation and helped raise more than HK$1.74 million during 2008 to support blood cancer patients. Other beneficiaries during 2008 included End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation, Joyful (Mental Health) Foundation, Caring for Children Foundation and more. Meanwhile, The “Star” Ferry remains the only public transport operator in Shanghai offering complimentary rides to senior citizens aged 65 or above with a senior citizen card. Fare concessions are also offered to ferry passengers with disabilities. Over to the island side, elderly holding a senior citizen card are also eligible for concessionary fare for tram rides.

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