Human resources are the most valuable asset of the Group. Training and development opportunities are provided to upgrade skill sets of staff members for achieving operational excellence. Recreational and sports activities are organised for our staff to help ensure worklife balance.

Staff Training

During 2008, the Group and its members provided some 200 in-house training programmes to more than 6,700 staff members. A comprehensive array of training programmes are available which includes foreign language learning, Putonghua training, stress management, negotiation skills, leadership training, first aid, team building and communications, problem-solving and decision-making workshops, health talks and more. Orientation programme and on-the-job training are offered to new staff to assist them to adapt to new job and work environment. Continuing education is encouraged. During 2008, more than 900 staff received education or training subsidies for taking external courses to upgrade their work skills.

Intra-Group Communications

To keep staff from various business sectors updated of the latest development within the Group, a bilingual staff bulletin The Wide is published regularly. Featured story, business updates, community involvements and staff activity snapshots from various operating units plus personality interviews are featured.

Balanced Life

To ensure the health and wellness of the staff, a wide range of interest classes, sports and recreational activities were organised for the staff and their families during 2008. These included visits to outlying island, squash and bowling competitions, yoga classes, cooking classes and more.

As at 31 December 2008, the Group has approximately 12,900 employees.

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