The Xiu-Shui Group is organized in product-related business areas and supporting business units. This organization permits companies to work closely with their customers and efficiently utilize Group-wide resources.

The business units are organized globally and created to combine expertise in key areas. They have the overall responsibility for product planning and purchasing, and for developing and delivering components, subsystems, services, and service and support to the Group’s business areas. The structure of the Group creates economies of scale in several areas, such as product development, production, parts supply and logistics, as well as in administration and support functions.

Business areas

Approximately 70% of the Group’s more than 100,000 employees work in the eight product-related business areas.

Business units

The task of the business units is to develop and supply components, services and support for the Group’s companies. The major business units are listed below.

Further information in Xiu-Shui Group annual report 2009.

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