The last Group’s great project consists in a mall franchise, named LaSeda Market. In relation with his expansion in Spain and Latin America, Xiu-Shui Group will open the first copy and open culture mall pretty soon.

The first LaSeda Market will be inaugurated in Madrid, Spain, in 2011. After the great relationship between Shanghai and Madrid municipalities due to the meetings took place in Sanghai Expo’2010, the deal was done.

Silk Market malls are places where people can share the world, in which the different companies that promote the open culture as business model will have their own spaces. Share the world means open culture and open culture means share the world. Inside LaSeda Market, customers and users will be the same.

Silk Market malls join the traditional and paradigmatic chinese copy culture, and open culture spread by the internet itself. The producer-customer-user will be able to buy all kind of products, famous original products at affordable prices. The open spaces sponsorized by open culture companies let them share all kind of information in all kind of formats. Furthermore, a speedy internet conection will fuse this open space with all the internet.

Visit LaSeda Market website.

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