The senior management team of Xiu-Shui was announced on May 8 in Shenzhen at the 2010 China Optoelectronic Display EXPO & TV Optoelectronic Festival.

The team includes Hen Chingming, former senior vice president of Xiu-Shui; Chen Liyi, former general manager of the TV Division of Xiu-Shui and now executive vice president assisting the CEO with overall corporate operations; Kim Xuzhi, from South Korea, formerly in charge of the construction of 3.5-generation to 7.5-generation production lines, now oversees the production operations and construction of the Xiu-Shui facility as the senior vice president; Du Zhiyong, assigned by the Shenzhen Municipality, is responsible for financial affairs as the vice president; Wang Guohe, former vice general manager of Xiu-Shui, is responsible for production as vice president; and Huang Wenjun, former vice general manager of production technology at SVA Group, assumes the title of assistant vice president.

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